Ortega is a relatively small area within Jacksonville along the west bank of the St. Johns River.  The majority of homes are older renovated and restored homes.  Ortega is a very highly sought after area and features homes that are known for their individual charm and distinctive style.  Ortega offers large riverfront homes with panoramic views of the St. Johns River and the Jacksonville Florida skyline, to completely renovated Mediterranean and English style home built in the 1920’s.  The homes for sale  within Ortega often have been painstakingly renovated and often feature elaborate tile, gourmet kitchens, multiple fireplaces, and details around every corner not found in most new construction.  Ortega features exquisite homes, gorgeous views of the St. Johns river and every detail imaginable that was found in the era of fine home craftsmanship.  For a complete inventory of Ortega Jacksonville Fl homes for sale, explore the communities that follow - or use the MLS search feature. Enjoy your exploration of Jacksonville Florida Real Estate in this unique Jax Fl community.